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Lost and Found :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 2 4
Mature content
Memories :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 4 12
It gets better
No matter how much you want to go
There is something I want you to know
Take pride in who you are
And soon,
this will be nothing but a scar
A memory of a distant past
That made place for a new life
A life that will last
You'll no longer have to live in fear
     be despised
                         with no-one near
You'll have it good
He will be your summers day
His touch
taking all your pain away
She will be your light at night
Her warmth
banishing your fright
It gets better.
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 18 4
rainbow necklace by WritersCreed rainbow necklace :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 35 14 Pride no jutsu inside by WritersCreed Pride no jutsu inside :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 25 16 Pride no jutsu outside by WritersCreed Pride no jutsu outside :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 2 0
Nice guy... right?
Today, I heard that a teacher of mine – lets call him Bob – is a very religious person. It's some strict Catholic belief, which means he isn't very happy with Gay people. Now I've always liked Bob and he's a great teacher, and we get along really well. So when I heard he thought being gay was (very, very, very) wrong, I couldn't help but wonder what he would say if I told him I was bisexual… Would he suddenly turn into a huge asshole? Would he start ignoring me? Would he be mad? Would he try to convince me it's wrong and 'straighten the rainbow'? Or maybe he would be like 'oh, well, my religion says it's wrong, but I still like you, you're not bad' – or am I being a little naïve here?
Frankly, I don't even want to know. I don't want to know his reaction, I don't want to know his thoughts. Because I'm afraid of what I might find. That alone is a very weird thought, considering how much I like Bob. The kind, humorous Bob, one of the best teachers in the school. H
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 2 18
Same sex marriage is Gay
Thank you very much Captain Obvious, for that incredibly useful and entirely true statement! Same sex marriage is indeed gay!
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 5
Wheelchair maniac ID by WritersCreed Wheelchair maniac ID :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 22
Mature content
Silent Stalker - final :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 2 9
Mature content
Silent Stalker :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 2 10
Way of the Assassin - 5
You pass!
Achille soon realized something was wrong. More than 5 minutes had passed and the target was still alive and kicking. Yep, something was definitely wrong. Did the herbalist double cross him? No, impossible. He had checked the herbs himself and tested them on a pig. The poison worked for sure.
   Achille checked the dagger for blood and found he had indeed cut his target. Then what on earth was wrong? There was only one other option Achille could think of. He pulled the leather sheath from his belt and pored some well-water in it. The water pored from the stitches and Achille frowned as he observed his miniature fountain. So much for the watertight sheath. His dive in the river probably washed off most of the poison. Time for plan B.
That night, Achille observed the house. There were now two mercenaries in front of the door and Achille asked around a bit. He learned that Di Scada had hired 3 mercenaries, which meant another one was inside. Mercs were well traine
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 0
Mature content
Art Trade: Immortality my ass :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 12
Little things
They say it's the little things in life that make it worth living. But nobody ever says what exactly those little things are. Maybe because they simply don't know, or maybe because those things are different for everybody. For every person, there is this little thing that makes his or her life better, that brightens their mood just enough. For example, the thing that makes Daniel happy, is the happiness of others. Therefore, he tries to be nice to everybody and always does his best to make you feel comfortable. One little downside though. People like that tend to get a little over-caring, and not everyone can appreciate that.
    "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!", Alex yelled. He turned around and strode off into the kitchen. Daniel followed him.
    "I want you to tell me what's wrong!", he said. "And don't give me the 'there's nothing wrong I'm fine' crap. I know there something and it's been troubling you for over a week! Why won't you tell me? You
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 3
Writing meme - Achille by WritersCreed Writing meme - Achille :iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 1 1
Way of the Assassin - 4
Almost there
- 3 months earlier -
The sounds of an intense fight resounded through the huge halls underneath the monastery. Whoever were fighting here, it sounded like their lives depended on it. And that was actually quite true. Achille couldn't afford any mistakes now. This wasn't practise anymore, this was a real battle. He was sure Ezio would cut his throat if he had the chance, so he fought for all he was worth, which was quite a lot after almost 3 years of intensive training. Since that night 3 years ago, when Ezio had caught him and Vito kissing, Achille had been training harder than ever before.
  "Keep it together Achille, your footwork is getting sloppy!"
  Achille didn't have time to answer. He was too focused on his master's sword to talk or even think about talking. Outside the circle, Vito was sitting on a pile of hey filled bags analyzing every move his master and boyfriend made. He could see his friend was getting tired and figured this fight would s
:iconwriterscreed:WritersCreed 0 1


Incoming Call From... by Aicosu Incoming Call From... :iconaicosu:Aicosu 182 36
Bob's Tattoo and Grocery
Graveyard shift sucks. That's it, it sucks, no two ways about it, no making lemonade from those lemons, graveyard shift is a soul-sucking, mind-sapping experience that only the rare person who gets off on misery can enjoy. Naturally, it was the only type of work I could find for my summer vacation.
The local grocery store, Bob's Discount Tattoo and Grocery, had decided to start offering twenty-four hour service to the strange folk who need to buy a gallon of milk or a carton of cigarettes at 3 o'clock in the morning. They needed brave young men and women to man the front lines of the night shift, and, needing a reason to get out of the house during the summer, I applied and was fortunate enough to be hired. It didn't take me long to realize that work sucks almost as bad as being unemployed.
You see, for the earlier part of the evening, we have a few people here and there who come in for the aforementioned odd item, people who for whatever reason just couldn't wait until daylight to pur
:icondarknezz111:darknezz111 184 47
:Vulnerable: by Demyboilover :Vulnerable: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 323 71 :Naughty,Naughty: by Demyboilover
Mature content
:Naughty,Naughty: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 344 164
.Vol.7.sketchies. by CloverDoe .Vol.7.sketchies. :iconcloverdoe:CloverDoe 422 158 Abercrombie Alphonse + Ed by Laharl Abercrombie Alphonse + Ed :iconlaharl:Laharl 369 76 *+*Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love?*+* by Demyboilover *+*Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love?*+* :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 359 24 :Sweet.Blasphemy: by Demyboilover :Sweet.Blasphemy: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 254 14 :All.I.Wanted: by Demyboilover :All.I.Wanted: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 521 22 I am the Plague by Yaoi-World I am the Plague :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 4,525 169 Doodle dee doo by Demyboilover Doodle dee doo :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 303 25 :GxT- Kiss.In.The.Rain: by Demyboilover :GxT- Kiss.In.The.Rain: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 260 30 Sora by Orioto Sora :iconorioto:Orioto 1,818 267 Roxas and Sora in bed by 1Kasumi Roxas and Sora in bed :icon1kasumi:1Kasumi 286 66 Abercrombie Naruto by Laharl Abercrombie Naruto :iconlaharl:Laharl 416 37 Abercrombie Sora by Laharl Abercrombie Sora :iconlaharl:Laharl 478 71


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Well... I decided I wanted to write without having to think about who will read it. So I created this account! Here, nobody knows who I am and I can write all I want. Yay for freedom ^^ Also, if you know what my other account is, please keep that to yourself. They are separated for a reason!

Favourite style of art: manga
Personal Quote: "the worst thing you can do is send your men to war with a license to kill, and tell them the license was invalid when they get back".
Yeah... I thought I'd put it in my journal in case someone would try to say something to me (however unlikely that may be), that this account is pretty much inactive for the time being. I still love the yaoi, I just don't have the time to keep up with two accounts these days, let alone write. So yeah, see ya later aligator!

(I can't believe I just said that, that's such a terrible line) Oh, if you wanna talk to me, check my main account: Naruto-II
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